NBX On-line Training

Our 3Com NBX on-line training is a web-based training allowing administrators and users become familiar with the 3Com NBX system. Our nbx training is accessible anytime and anywhere Internet is available.

Why Train Online

More Efficient - Administrators and users can access the training immediately eliminating the need to wait for others to train them. Users can begin to configure and use their NBX phone immediately without any assitance. Administrators can begin to configure the NBX system immediately without waiting weeks for training.

Cost Effective - You will not only save traveling costs but the cost associated from employees being away from work to train.

Anytime, Anywhere - Since our 3Com nbx training is web-based, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere Internet is available. You will have access to the training 24/7!

Affordable - Our NBX on-line training cost a fraction of what it would cost to send your staff to training. Our subscription is an unlimited use site-license giving your entire organization access to the training.

Self-Paced Training - Our nbx training is self-paced allowing users to go through topics of their choice at their own pace. The allows a user to fully understand the task and can always go back to it if needed.

Interactive - Not only does our nbx training give you step by step text instructions, but our "follow and listen along" feature allows the user to watch the cursor perform the task with voice instructions. Play, rewind, fast forward, stop, or pause the training while you perform the task on your own.

How Does It Work

Administrators and users of your organization will be give a username and password to access the training modules. Users can login anytime and anywhere internet is available and go through topics of their choice at their own pace. It's that easy!



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